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Hi Shana,

Just checking in to tell you that Apollo Sweet is doing amazing.  He is the most wonderful dog.  We often go on walks and he has a natural disposition to listen and do well.  He is always smiling.  Apollo is also able to be patient and do nothing, sitting on the back porch and taking in the birds (while Cookies-the-crazy runs up and down the fence and barks at her boxer friends next door).

Apollo has been through his shots and heart warmer.  He walks well off the leash and comes.  I can walk Cookies and him at the same time and while I’ve been walking her for years, Apollo is more well behaved.

Apollo has a habit of telling us when he is hungry by going into his kennel, sitting, and looking expectantly at his bowl.  He is always the center of attention wherever we go- especially the softball game.  Apollo always gets compliments from “the guys” who walk by ‘cause the wish they had such a beefy, strong looking pup like him.

I can tell that Apollo comes from a superior background.  His temperament and beautiful physical attributes have converted me from a Golden and Lab person to a Dane lover forever.  I will never want another type of dog.  I am so happy that fate helped me find you and your amazing Danes.  Thank you for being so professional, friendly, and diligent about making such perfect animals.  I think your care and work is reflected in your puppies. I love Apollo like he was my child. (my eyes water when I think how grateful I am).

Thank you so much for everything,

Kris Sweet



For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of visiting Spirit Danes in person, I would like to tell you of our experience with them. We first saw Shana Pace’s beautiful dogs while driving in the area, and were so impressed by their grace and gentle demeanor that we went back to ask about them. Each of Spirit Danes breeding dogs is first a treasured member of the family. They have space to run and play together outdoors, but the dogs spend a lot of their time indoors with their human family. All puppies are born in the house, having received great prenatal care from a vet I have personally used for all of my own animals since 1994, and have attention and loving care from birth.

Living nearby we were able to go see all of the puppies when they were under a week old to choose our first Great Dane. We have children, birds and cats so any dog coming to our house needs to be agreeable company for many species. Seeing the Spirit Dane giants interacting with people, smaller dogs, newborn lambs and cats was very reassuring. We felt welcome to come back and visit our puppy over the weeks from birth to weaning. On visits we were swarmed by the eight puppies in Bella’s litter, their Chihuahua friends and the three Spirit Dane females. All of them friendly and affectionate individuals.

Sitting on the floor playing with puppies, rubbing Daisy’s pregnant belly, it was perhaps inevitable that we also ended up with a puppy from Daisy. Our second experience purchasing a puppy from Spirit Danes was even more pleasant than the first because we already knew Daisy and she allowed us to hold her newborns from early on. Now that Skye is about to have her first litter, it is hard not to feel attached to her puppies as well. We may just have to get a larger house!


The Russell Wright family



Last winter when I made the decision to get a great Dane I began by researching several breeders around Oklahoma.  When I got the chance to visit your home and saw the love and care you give your dogs (they really are house pets…not kennel dogs) I knew I had found my breeder.  I really appreciated your guidance in helping me choose the right puppy for me and I couldn’t be happier with my Mickey.  The quality of my  puppy is exceptional and so is his health according to my vet.  I’ve also appreciated your willingness to answer all my questions.  Without reservation, I recommend Spirit Great Danes to anyone interested in owning one of these wonderful animals.

Hey Shanna,

I thought you might like to see what Mickey looks like these days…at least as of about a month ago.  He’s bigger now.   I’m so glad you talked me out of changing my mind about which puppy to choose because I can’t imagine a dog with a better personality or more wonderful temperament.  Not to mention he’s a natural born clown and hilarious.  As you can see in the picture I decided not crop his ears.  After discussing it with the vet in Shawnee it just didn’t seem like the thing to do.  His regular vet is very impressed with his “look” and the apparent ease with which he learns new things.  I think he might be the smartest dog on the planet.  I might be wrong but I don’t think so.    Anyway, I don’t know about your other owners but Russ and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.


Rebecca Densmore



Our experience with Spirit Danes has been great. Our puppy Lulu is a very happy, healthy and beautiful Dane. Shana has been more than patient answering all our questions. We could see Lulu since she was born and kept in touch with Shana every week. It was a great experience!!




Hello Shana,

Well the first couple of days have been great. No crying in the night, he sleeps like a baby, we have only had one accident, and I think it was my fault, he had a long way to walk to get out the back door, he loves to play, and sleep. Thanks again for everything you do with your puppies, I don’t know much about breeders but I think some of them should take lessons from you. I registered Thor his official name is. Spirit Danes Thor the thunder dog. I did the full registration on him just in case we decide to go show off in the ring sometime. Again thanks for letting me have one of your puppies I hope to send a couple people your way, I think my nephew wants a puppy now.

Jed and Thor


maverick 10maverickMaverick 5

Well………the world traveler FINALLY made it.  He is a rambunctious little fellow isn’t he?  Let me tell you about the little ham you molded.  He had everyone at the airport eating out of his paws.  He was going up to everything that moved and everything ended up wanting to take him home.  He is totally adorable and more than I could ever expect.

Thanks again



It has been awhile and I wanted to let you see the ornery little devil that flew to Florida looking to catch some waves.  He is growing fast and is definitely winning hearts everywhere he goes.  And rightfully so.  He has a personality that just won’t quit.  The stubbornness and 2 second infatuation with everything is precious.  We do have a saying, “Do not trust the face” because he is just soooo cute and too damn ornery.  But you know what, I could not have asked for anything better.  Potty training is going quite well.  He is starting to use his sledgehammers we call paws as an indication that he wants to go out.  The problem is, he loves to just lie in the grass acting like a king and doesn’t go.  We are going to the beach on Sunday so we will send you pictures of him “Hanging 10”.



We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful addition to our family.   Going into this experience, we knew what kind of dog we wanted but we were a little apprehensive about buying a dog over the internet.  With Spirit Great Danes, you took that apprehension and turned it into a very positive and rewarding experience.  Ever since Maverick (aka Orion) got off the plane, he has been filled with spunk and zest.  This type of demeanor only demonstrates your devotion and commitment to developing a happy and healthy dog.  Even during the airline mishap, you were tremendously worried about the puppy and went above and beyond when it came to dealing with the airline.  With that said, I am attaching a few photos of Maverick and his adventures in South Florida.

Thanks Again,

Dino and Trish



I am very pleased with my puppy.  Rudy is my fifth Great Dane.  He is very mellow and has quite a personality.  I was fortunate enough to be able to visit with Shana and her dogs for several hours before I chose Rudy.  Shana let me take my time and watch how the dogs behaved.  I saw how they were treated and how they reacted to strangers.  I was pleased to see that they are raised as part of the family and not just a business.  I couldn’t be happier with my new family member.

HI shana, I just wanted to say what a great experience it has been getting our newest family member ELEANOR(electra) from you. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great dane . I appreciated the fact that you checked us out first before even considering placing her with us, that showed me you were caring for your baby rather than just wanting to make a profit first.She is the sweetest gal, talkative, smart,beautiful,and so good with the other dogs, and all of our grandkids. She fit right in as if she had always been a part of us.We bought another great dane earlier from a breeder and our experience was nothing like it is with you. Eleanor had to be shipped to California, and you put her with her blanket and toy for her journey, our other gal had nothing but a piece of paper under her. Eleanor, even after her long journey was sooo friendly, tail wagging and all kisses when we met her at the airport. Thank you again for your love of the dane, and your careful breeding, and for all the support you continue to give even when she is in her forever home.! i will send pics and updates for you. She is growing like crazy, but then thats what she is supposed to do isnt it? We are enjoying every puppy minute with her!!..sandra and devin snodgrass-cooney crestline,california.



I would like to tell you how very happy we are with our decision to adopt Izabella!  She has become the center of attention everywhere we go, from her outstanding looks to her friendly and winning personality.  She is turning into quite a rambunctious Soul, always looking for something to play with, and the sound of her running through the house is amazing LOL.
My daughters actually fight over who gets to take her on walks!
The vets are all in love, and impressed with her health and the quality of her breeding.  They say she is amazing looking, and can’t wait to see her at full size!
It was a long drive to Ok., but after meeting you, your family, and seeing the adult Danes at your house, I would do it again in a second.
Thank you for keeping in touch, for answering all the questions I have had, and for breeding such an OUTSTANDING friend!
Best Wishes!

Bill and Family

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!  You really gave us the best puppy EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂
We arrived at the airport early to wait on her this afternoon.  Mike found me a wheelchair because I’m still on crutches, and we waited right where Continental Airlines said that she would pop out.  Low and behold…an alarm went off…and out she came on a conveyor belt!!  The guy from the airline said that it was alright if I held her, as long as she didn’t go running around.  Mike took her out of the crate, put her collar on, and gave her to me.  She sat just PERFECTLY on my lap while Mike wheeled me through the airport.  There were SO many people around, but she was so good!!  She didn’t bark at all or try to get out of my lap.  Everyone kept telling us how beautiful she was and couldn’t believe that she was so well behaved for only 8 weeks old.  Needless to say, we were very proud…and taking pictures the whole way. 🙂
When we got into the car, she sat on my lap again and curled-up.  We stopped at Pet Smart on the way home to pick-up some treats and take her for a little walk.  She did her business in just a few minutes, thankfully!  Almost immediately after leaving Pet Smart, the poor little thing passed-out right on my lap!  Mike and I were talking about how beautiful she was, and then all of the sudden heard her snoring.  🙂  It’s was adorable!
She was so excited to run around leash-free once we got back to the house.  After about an hour, she pawed my legs like she wanted me to pick her up.  I did, and put her in my lap.  Almost IMMEDIATELY she was out again for another nap!  I called for Mike, and he put her in her new bed in the crate.  We put her new little piggy beside her, and made sure we laid her on the blanket from you that smells like home.  It’s 4:45PM now, and she’s still passed-out. 🙂
Wow.  Just wow.  I’m so impressed.  I’ve never met a dog so well-behaved in my life…and a Puppy!?  That’s crazy!  She’s so beautiful and everything we could have hoped for.  I can’t wait to take tons more pictures for you, and to keep you updated on her progress!
Again, thank you SO much!!  You’ve made us so happy!!
Enjoy the pictures!!
– Meghan 🙂


Hi Ms. Shana,
I would just like to take a moment and tell you how happy I am with our Great Dane puppy from you ranch.  Bella is the most well mannered, calm, smartest puppy I have ever come across.  It definitely shows the time and love you put into these babies as she was easy to finish with the potty training and is very obedient with my family.  The transition could not have been smoother.  I also appreciate all of the time you took both answering my questions throughout the buying process as well as meeting me half way to deliver her (which was a long drive for both of us).  The time you took as well to email pictures of her as she grew was also GREATLY appreciated.  Bella is one of the best dogs I have ever come across.  Everyone who sees her wants to know where I got her, and I pass on your website address with high recommendations.  I look forward to seeing additional puppies as they come and would definitely like to purchase another from you one day.

Take care,
Jennifer Delgadillo

Cupid & Vixen

We found Spirit Dane’s website in our search for a puppy. From the beginning we could
tell Spirit Danes was a breeder who took the utmost care of her dogs and finding the right
homes. Shana took extra care to get to know us and ensure we knew about her puppies
before we committed through phone conversation emails. We knew adopting the 2 sisters
would not be a mistake. From the moment we met our new puppies, we were in love. Our
new Danes have brought us much joy, are quick to learn and very healthy girls. No matter
where we go, people admire the beautiful Mantle Danes that have become part of our
family. Linda

Sadie & Sydney

In 2007, my husband, Jeremy, and I bought our first Great Dane from a breeder in
Colorado. We named her Penny and loved her very much; however, we didn’t do enough
research into the breeder and where she was coming from. We ended up having her less
than a year because she turned our kids and became very aggressive and mean, which is NOT
characteristic of a Great Dane.

When my husband and I decided to get another Great Dane, we did the research that
was necessary and found Shana Pace. She breeds for health and temperament first, which when
you are looking for a family pet, that is exactly what you need. In 2009, we got Sadie. She is a
beautiful baby and has been a wonderful addition to our family. She will be two this year and
has been nothing but perfect. Her health is great but her demeanor with our kids is amazing.
We love and enjoy her so much; we decided to get another Dane from Shana. We got Sydney
last year (2010). She is now 7 months old and is a massive beauty. She is so sweet and loves
attention. The girls both have the same dad but have different moms.

Unfortunately, there are many breeders who do not give their animals the attention
they need and deserve. Shana and her family do an amazing job with all their animals. They
are more than dogs to them which is an asset when it comes to owning one of these beautiful
babies. My dogs are part of our family and we love them dearly. We have Shana to thank for the
opportunity to make us Dane owners again. Owning Danes is not for everyone; however, having
a breeder who cares about the animals and the owners they go to make it so much easier. She
has been a huge resource for us when questions have come up and has continued to care about
the girls once in our care, which is unprecedented with many breeders.

We will continue being Great Dane owners as well as only using Shana and her family for
all our needs.


you again Shana for breeding such amazing babies!