Welcome to SPIRIT GREAT DANES where Great Danes are our passion! Since getting our first Dane in 2000 we have come to love and admire this gentle giant and are blessed to have the opportunity to breed them. We breed harlequin and mantle Danes blending quality European and American bloodlines.

It is our belief that healthy, happy dogs produce healthy, happy puppies. Our Danes are not “kennel dogs,” but loved family members who spend most of their time in the house, which is where a Dane is happiest! When outside they enjoy supervised walks on our 20 acres and a swim in the pond whenever they want. Our goal is to breed for the “total package,” dogs that are both beautiful on the outside and on the inside. We believe that health, longevity, sound temperament, intelligence and conformation are all equally important and will continually strive to improve the quality of our dogs by adhering to ethical breeding practices. We hope to provide healthy, well socialized puppies to permanent pet/show homes. All puppies are born inside and begin socialization from day 1. They are exposed to other small animals, our children, started on appropriate vaccination and worming schedule, have dewclaws removed, and are started on housebreaking and basic commands. If you are considering becoming a Dane owner, please do your research or contact me with any questions. Danes are giant dogs with giant hearts, but are also a giant responsibility.

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