76a2fd11-3c98-458a-8086-9870a1014c1dRaven is our gorgeous mantle girl out of Bella and Eli, born 02/18/2009. We are proud of not only her size, beauty and intelligence, but of her perfect demeanor. She is friendly, calm, easily trainable and gets along great with all the other critters on our farm. She especially loves playing with new litters of puppies and is very gentle. She is quick learner who is eager to please, graduating Puppy Basic Obedience class by the time she was 18 weeks old, and earning her Canine Good Citizenship Title at the tender age of 5 months. At 7 months of age she already weighed in at 110 pounds & was almost as tall as her Dam. Raven is retired and now living a life of leisure as she watches future generations grow and continues to be my loyal companion.

Raven was lovingly laid to rest in our home 6/22/18. She left a big hole in our lives but also a great contribution in the loving temperament that has been passed to her offspring.

Raven Pedigree